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Team Challenge Selection

The process to preview and select Team Challenges has changed slightly. To preview the Team Challenges in full, you'll need to add your Team Number to the Resource Area and then access your team's dedicated page. (Note: if the original Team Number purchaser, such as a school coordinator, has already set up your team in our system, you can skip Step 3 below.) After adding a team to the Resource Area, the Team Manager will be able to view the Challenges in full and make the team's final Challenge selection To complete the process, follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to the Resource Area. If you do not have an account, clock on the "Welcome" tab and select "Create New Account".
  2. Go to the "Teams" tab and select "My Teams".
  3. Click on the "Add Team" button in the "Actions" pane. Either the Team Number and Order Number of enter the Team Number and purchaser's zip code. Then click "Add Team Manager".
  4. Click the pencil icon next to your team's lising. This will take you to the "Edit Your Team" page.
  5. Select your Challenge Level and then select a Team Challenge using the corresponding drop-down menus. (Please note that Rising Stars teams will only have access to their noncompetitive Challenge and will not have access to our competitive Team Challenges.) Click "Save".
  6. Click the "View" button in the "View Digital Challenge" pane. This will allow you to previoew the full Team Challenge you selected. If you would like to view another Team Challenge, select it from the "Challenge" drop-down menu and click "Save". then click the "View" button in the "View Digital Challenge" pane.
  7. Your team's Challenge selection can be changed at any time and/or multiple times. However, you must make sure that the final Challenge selected is the one your team plans to solve and present at the tournament or showcase. You must also complete the Tournament Registration for the Florida DI Tournament. Note that the Challenge selected in the Resource Area will automatically be transferred to your Florida DI Tournament registration when you initially fill out the registration form, but must be updated manually if you make a change in the Resource Area after your initial tournament registraiton is entered.
  8. Once you've decided on a Challenge, you may request one printed copy of the Challenge (at no extra charge) by clicking on the "Ship" button on the "Request Printed Challenges" pane. Please note that ifyour team decides to solve a different Challenge after requesting a printed copy, they will only receive access to the digital version of that newly selected Challenge and will not be eligible to receive a printed copy.
Questions? Contact us at information@FloridaDI.org.