DI Team Builder tool is intended for parents from a particular area who are interested in forming a Destination Imagination team to locate each other. The web page allows people to communicate without making personal information public.

If you already have a user ID, you may Log In now.

To participate, you must provide a user ID and password to use to log on, your contact e-mail, your zip code and whether you are looking to join a team or looking for team members to join your team. Only your user ID, zip code and need are made public.

You may use the system to make initial contacts with other people in your area who are interested in forming a team. It is up to you to decide at what point to exchange contact information to proceed to forming a team.

Note that neither Destination Imagination, Inc nor Florida Destination Imagination, Inc validates any information provided by users of this system. It is up to individual users to verify any representations made by any other user.

If you wish to use this system under these conditions, you may create a New User ID.