The best way to insure that your child can participate is to get a team started in your community. We can provide you with the resources you'll need to provide that opportunity.

There are many ways to form Destination Imagination teams in your area. The two most common ones are to either obtain the interest of a sponsoring organization or to start a team on your own. Florida Destination Imagination has both types of teams participating in the program and will provide support for either approach.

Sponsoring organizations include schools and other community organizations. If you would like to reach out to an organization in your area, we can provide you with marketing materials and guidance for making a presentation to them about Destination Imagination. In some cases, we may be able to make the presentation. The most important thing that we'd need you to provide is a contact person in the organization that you would like us to work with. This sort of approach works best if the request for support comes from within the community served by the sponsoring organization.

It is also possible for individuals to start independent teams. Sponsoring organizations may provide teams with some support, such as meeting places or even financial support, but you will need to get them interested in doing this. Independent teams can be formed by a smaller number of like-minded people who want to provide the program for their own children.

Teams are made up of 2 - 7 similarly aged participants guided by a Team Manager. Our Rising Stars are Pre-K through Grade 2. A noncompetitive challenge designed specifically for younger learners is available each year for them. Competitive teams are grouped into one of four levels: elementary (K through grade 5), middle (grades 6-8), secondary (grades 9-12), or university. Teams will only compete within their level at tournaments.

You can use our Team Builder web app to find teams or team members in your area.

Once you have formed one or more teams, you will need to purchase a team number from Destination Imagination, Inc.. More information can be found at the Start a Team page. Team numbers can be purchased at the DI Store. A background check fee for Team Manager and our Florida Affiliate fee will also be assessed on this site.

In addition to the team number, you get the full description of the challenges, rules that govern our tournaments, and a guide for Team Managers to help their teams work through the creative process. Access to online training is also provided, as well as any help that we can provide. You may also find our Resources page helpful as your team begins to work on a challenge. A purchased team number is required for each team that intends to participate in a tournament.

After you have selected a challenge, we ask that you register for our tournament. This provides us with a bit more information about your team so that we can provide the best tournament experience for you. Registration is done on-line by filling out a simple form. You can provide us with the information you know now and come back later to add or update the rest.

If you have any questions about starting a team, feel free to contact us at information@FloridaDI.org.