Resources for Teams

DI Links

Destination Imagination, Inc Team Resources Page is a good place to start.
Visit the Start a Team page to purchase your team number and get this year's challenge materials.
Challenge Clarifications: Check the Challenge Clarifications often.
Visit the Resource Area from Destination Imagination, Inc., to get the official Challenge Program materials. You will need to log in using your DI userid and password.
See what's happening at the DI Global Finals tournament this year.
Team Manager Resources from DISC, the Destination Imagination Support Committee.
High School Seniors, learn about DISC Scholarships.
Try some Sample Instant Challenges.
Boney Bridge Instant Challenge.
Monster Maker Instant Challenge.
Improve your team's Instant Challenge skills by Exploring Material Properties.

Fund Raising

Provide this web page and your team number to potential team sponsors so that they can help you get to Global Finals using DI's Tax ID number for their donation.
DI has provided some fundraising ideas for your team using on-line resources to advertise.
Here are 15 other ways to raise funds.

Other Affiliates

California Destination Imagination has a number of resource links for using various materials.
Destination Imagination New York also has an excellent page of links to many useful web resources.
Texas DI Structure Tutorial.